Is "\" & \"" necessary while storing text data in firebase ? and why is it used?

Hello guys… Is “” & " necessary while storing text data on firebase ? and why is it used ?

can you explain more, i dont know what you mean!

In a youtube video, i heard someone saying that when we store a sentence on firebase then we have to put "\" at the beginning & \"" at the end…

and why do you dont try it. i never heared from that before.i dont safe my text with that

I did (just the sentence only & nothing at the beginning & end)… but only the first word of the sentence appears. Thts why im confused

It is necessary when storing url as values because if you don’t use it the url will not return completely but you will only get https. I recommend using it to get the values as it is. If this Reply solved your issue dont forget to mark it as the solution


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