Is playstore and apkpure is same?

i have a question, is my app which is already upload on play store will automatically upload on apkpure website? :thinking: :thinking:

Someone(or probably ApkPure devs) downloaded your app from Play Store and uploaded that on Apk Pure.

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ok thanks @vknow360

If you would like to prevent those website from uploading your app on their website then use this blocks…
blocks - 2020-08-11T154749.170
I know that they maybe can edit your apk and delete that code,But it’s better than nothing :man_shrugging:


Also if they patch the APK and change it package name you can use this trick


My all apps (including which are suspended last year are also listed in these type of sites) . And even ** Google App which are not on playstore are listed here **All big companies apps and games are listed here without any notice.

See what they written in there policy

According to there policy they not accept any modifying app . So i think it’s safe.

Quora answer:

And this is your app listed by any other one not by apkpure Developer.

Final answer :- Your app is safe and by these type of sites you got more downloads because they not modify your app it is same as they look in google play.
If you want to remove it than file a report at this page Contact Us.

Hope you got your answer


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