Is PUBG Tournament App allowed?

I’m building a PUBG Tournament app. Is it allowed by Kodular community.
I know it’s against the google play store, that’s why i’m not uploading that on playstore. Also that will be a ‘ads-free’ app, i will not integrate any type of ads in that.
I will earn a small amount from the user’s entry-fees only.

I just want to know whether we can make pubg tournament app on Kodular or it’s not allowed?

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If you not published it on play store then it will be allowed, because Pubg self offers for tournaments by creating rooms, you also use ads in that in certain limits, but app doesnt allow for publishing it to play store, otherwise it will suspend app or console account

If you have ads then it should be checked by Kodular Staff, otherwise app (Exported APK) will not work.
If you don’t have ads then you should develop it on your own risk like:

  1. Follow App Store policies on which you are publishing.
  2. Follow Policies of third party services you are using.
    For example: Firebase, Airtable, Youtube Player, In App Billing, or Extensions Terms and Condition if any.
  3. Finally follow Law of your country or region.

Hope your query has been solved… :slightly_smiling_face: