Is that possible?

Can I change the following things of device in kodular?
1 -Resolution
6-Sound quality

Basically you want to make GFX Tool


You can say.

Simple answer is no

Only possible through android studio

Nice idea, I’ll research on this and will tell you about this in a couple of days…

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why its not possible in kodular?

For your information kodular app can’t read internal files and modify them

There is alternative way to do this because I have already made an gfx tool app :white_check_mark:

But an extension might be able to do it

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Hmm…but there are only 2 extension available which works with file as I already written above not possible

Pls complete your talk.

how did you made?

I take 2 weeks and 5 days to understand the logic and modify them. As I done hard I can see my app rating is also above 4.7 in play store and my user are very happy because my gfx tool can run pubg in 1.5 GB ram with out any type of lag with proof

link your apk. Is that made in kodular?

Got an idea guys, I am gonna try making an extension to perform such tasks…

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Hahaha I never tell my app. But for doing this you need understand algorithm of pubg because if you not understand your user account will banned :no_entry_sign: and documents also available at unreal engine because Pubg has made in unreal engine

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Hmm… Okay but I also tried but extension doesn’t works in kodular because kodular doesn’t use android x lib

This is not possible

This is also not possible

This is possible

This also not possible

Some point I cleared what you can do with kodular