Is the ads revenue we see pure?

hello everyone
i want to know if the revenue in startapp is the revenue after the commission or before?
i mean the commision for startapp banner is 5%_9%
for ex if the revenue in startapp is 10$, so the pure revenue for me is 9.1$ or 10$ because they take theier commission automatically?

The earnings you see, are your earnings.

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Hey kodular doesn’t take your earnings but they only load ads and show ads as per their commission.

For example - your startapp ads commission is 5-9% . So that’s means from 100 times of requesting ads from ad network your ads are shown 90-91 times and kodular ads shows 5-9 times.

They not hacked your dashboard or bank account :joy:


thank you for your answer :+1:

hhh :sweat_smile: sorry i’m beginner in coding and programming so i really don’t know that hhhh
thank you for your answer

Okay community is here to help :grinning:

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