Is the Extension Developer "nikzdevz" reliable?

Title says it all. I need good and reliable extension developer. Any reviews and opinions regarding “nikzdevz” ?

Also looking for more reviews about “Jewel Shikder Jony” Seems like this extension developer is also active, but I also found concerning stories about Jewel, which he claims are all fake.

Who is the best and most reliable extension developer for hire ?


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As far as I know @nikzdevz is a very good developer. He has a lot of good work. But I am not sure if he is active now or not. And to know about me, you can research on community.

Who are saying that Jewel Shikder Jony is fake. I already purchased 3 extension by them. He is very reliable person. I recently purchased Facebook extension by them. No problem you purchase any ad extension.
Jewel Shikder Jony is real extension developer


Yes he is :100: professional… i recommend it

Dont talk about Jewel , he is the best Developer and Helper … His Spreadsheet Google Drive and Recycler view i am using , and like his these extension no extension is available at whole internet…

@JEWEL is Best …

Will be back soon


Us moment :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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@Passos_0213 ,do you know?

I am Dev, but Jewel Shikder Jony is also reliable.

I am a developer too but not in Java.

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I mentioned your name as one of the Java programmers who can be hired by @Ludogorets_Razgrad.

“Who is the best and most reliable extension developer for hire ?”

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I did research you and found this aswell

It’s not true like they made. That time I was offline for a long time.