Is the first screen better or the second


2nd one is amazing :heart_eyes:

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Why do you think that?

Because of color combination as well as UI looks professional

The thing you’re trying to imitate doesn’t always come out with the same quality.

Agreed, I also thibk the second one is much better.
With understandable icons is better then the screen 1- like different style of drawing combining each other, a bit strange.

2nd one without any doubt

Second one, the first one will also look good if you change the bg colour to a lighter colour and make font little small maybe between 16-18.

Like this


2nd is good but change the background image to any gradient

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Create a poll about it


This is the main reason why I like the second one a bit better. But, if you put colors in the 2nd scree, too, then it would be much more beautiful.


PS: suggestion:

And for the first screen, you could use better contrasts, as mentioned by @themaayur.

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