Is there a limit to the number of blocks in one screen?

I am a user who loves kodular and is learning hard.
I did some experiments, but first there were no special sanctions even if the number of screens exceeded 10.
So, I am working hard, but recently, strange symptoms are appearing.
When putting various functions on one screen, the number of blocks exceeded 250. So the reaction speed has slowed down. However, if I move to another screen (less than 100 blocks) in the same project file, it works well without slowing down.
Have you ever had a problem where the number of blocks slows down?
(*For reference, the current situation is: 9 screens, and the total capacity of the app is 6.1mb when compiles. There are between 100 and 200 blocks for each screen.)

This could be one of the problem. Try to use arrangements instead and toggle there visibility as per need.

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Yeah, this is happening with me also.

When there are too much blocks on a single screen then it lags while working.

This is not the problem.

I said :point_down:

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I got a solution,

Just shrink/minimize the blocks.


Now reaction speed will not slow down.


Wow, I never thought of that. I’ll try it once and if it really solves the problem, I will adopt it as an answer. This is because it can be answered by people with similar problems.

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