Is there a limit using the "Get Row row Number" block? | Airtable

I have a table with 547 records. The “Get Row row Number” block works well with a record number less than or equal to 100, otherwise it does absolutely nothing.
I searched Airtable and it doesn’t seem to be a restriction by the free plan. Nor a limit on the API. Has anyone experienced the same and knows the cause?

I explain what I’m doing:

  1. I use “Get column column Name” to retrieve all the codes from the table and store them in a list called “studentList”. No problem, the block works very well and brings me a list with the 547 records.
  2. I look for a code in the “studentList” list and locate its index. There’s no problem here either
  3. I use the obtained index, with “Get Row row Number” to recover all the record. This works well if the index is less than or equal to 100. Why?

Thank you in advance for your comments

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Probably a sockets issue. I would break them into chunks, or put a clock in and take a 0.5 second pause every 75 queries.

Thank you for your answer. Actually, I’m just doing a query, a single record, something like this:

If the variable “recordNumber” is greater than 100, nothing happens, no error message is shown either.
If the variable “recordNumber” is less than or equal to 100, success!

I will continue to investigate.

How are you getting recordNumber. Perhaps set it from a textbox and try manually getting various records.

The “recordNumber” can be obtained by typing the code in a text box or scanning a barcode.

I have used both means and of course the result is the same.

I think the problem has something to do with what I found in the Airtable API.

maxRecords number optional

The maximum total number of records that will be returned in your requests. If this value is larger than pageSize (which is 100 by default), you may have to load multiple pages to reach this total. See the Pagination section below for more.

pageSize number optional

The number of records returned in each request. Must be less than or equal to 100. Default is 100. See the Pagination section below for more.

I’ll try to solve my problem.

Thank you again

I thought you were only getting one at a time?

That’s right, I only retrieve one record in each query. In this situation 100 is the key number that is also mentioned in the API, although I do not see why it would cause a problem. :thinking:

So if you manually try to get row 350 you get no response?
try that from a different function or button.


Using “Set Cell row Number” with any record number, even greater than 100, works well.

Using “Delete Row row Number” with any record number, even greater than 100, also works well.
Using “Get Row row Number” only works with a record number less than or equal to 100. The problem is with this block

Thank you so much for your help. I will continue this tomorrow.

I will look into it.


you are right. Am also in same problem. have you found any solution ? If yes , please tell me…

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