Is there a set date for a kodular update?

I can’t display interstitial ads and the notifier is also buggy

What error it returns? If not yet checked, do check it and post the screenshot with error message.

Again, explaining your issue could be more helpful than asking for an updation date.

i think notfier bug as invisible title but it can be fixed with changing title color to other color

I’m afraid pronouncing a fixable problem as ‘Bug’! :sweat_smile: Better asking for an ‘Improvement’! :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, @elias3 hope you got the answer for your query about notifier. Follow what @HAKANKOKCU said.

But the problem is it cant be white even changed (white=invisible for title)

Do you mean, background can’t be white even if we change the text color to anything rather than white?

even backround black, title color cant be white

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Thanks for the clarification.

does not return error!! the app simply closes by itself with any interstitial ad component