Is there a way to cause event when clock reaches a specific time

I would like to enable functionality at a specified time. For instance enable a button at 12:00 PM. Is there a way to do that??

what if app is not running at 12:00 Pm?

That was an example, I would set the time I want the trigger in the app. I have it solved for now… Thanks for responding!!

How did you solve it?


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but my question is, if a user open app at 10:51:00 AM then? he will not get that button enable, user must open app at 10:50:00 am or before that and then wait for that time and stay on screen,

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That is a good question. I can check the time when the user opens the app against the set time. If the time is later I can set the button to visible. The app will be used at an event so there will be a posted time when “voting” will occur.

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users also could set the date and time of the device manually…
in case you want to consider this, then take the date and time from the internet…
this could be helpful: Extension to get Date and Time from a NTP server by Juan Antonio


Are there any functions to compare times?

the clock component offers all you need
also there are extensions available…
see the extensions directory here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps

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@candreas3 coonseeguiu solve the progblema ?

Hello i’m sorry but i can’t seem to do an action at a specific time even with your code i also have a problem because i can’t see the end of your code could you please show me a sample code for change the background color of a text for example.

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ok i thought i had to ask again