Is there a way to convert latitudes and longitudes into the format used by the Google Maps component?

I have an application in which I register the location of stores and use the coordinates of the marker as the id of each store.

All stores are registered from the same application and then the information is stored in a SQL Server database.

So far so good, but recently I added over 10,000 stores to my SQL database from an external source outside of my app that uses a coordinate format with more numbers than kodular’s Google Maps component uses.

Here is an example of coordinates for one of the new stores I added from the external source 25.42247049,-100.90977074

And here is another example of a store coordinate that I registered using my app 25.39904,-100.95839

This causes me problems because in my application. I use the On Marker Click event a lot, where I use the latitude and longitude to fetch data from my SQL Server database, but since the coordinate formats of the new stores that I added are different, SQL does not find any results when looking for an exact match of the latitude and longitude that gives me the coordinates of the Kodular On Marker Click event.

Maybe I could use some distance calculation where I filter the search by nearby stores, but this is something I’ve done before, and I’ve had errors because there are stores that are very close to each other, that’s why always in my SQL searches exact match filter.

Does anyone know any solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Use format as decimal number from math blocks

Hi, can i know how u implement the lat lng of the stores into kodular using SQL server? What component u used to represent all the stores marker on your map?