Is there a wrapper for blocks?

Let’s say I create a Bluetooth connection app.

I want to add that to other apps.

Is there a “wrapper block” (for lack of a better term) that I can put all those groups of blocks into to condensed tidy little block? For example a block labeled “BTconnector” that I could drop into my backpack and easily add it to the next project?Wrapper

I see you asked this exact same question on the App Inventor Forum here.

Please don’t spam multiple forums and only ask in the Community of the builder you are using.


Right click on block and select
Collapse Block

You can also right click in your procedure and download as png. Then drag and drop the image in your new project. Blocks will automatically generated from the image.

Pardon my ignorance posting on both App inventor forum and here. Thought they might be separate audiences.

I understand about collapsing blocks. BTW the backpack does not store collapsed blocks?

I was looking for a way to collapse a group of blocks into 1 block similar to what the backpack does but drop-able as a single block into another project’s block space.

A “Module block” to drop groups of blocks into for the purpose of adding bluetooth, wifi, etc to another project easily and possibly even shareable with others?

Anyone up for designing a new type of block? I’m not up to it or probably wouldn’t be fiddling with Kodular or App inventor. :frowning:

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Just double click on block

Collapse the block inside it and add to back pack

@George_Loungos it is not working when images are downloaded from community

@sonumohammad333 It works only if the user that uploaded the image in the community used the option Download Blocks as PNG and not the option Download Blocks as Image

Try the blocks below , they were saved as PNG