Is there an extension for creating/setting/getting static variables?

I thought that because both AI2 and Kodular uses variable which could change types which i think is slow for huge processes, is there an extension to handle static type variables which creates a performance boost, and an extension to make objects with attributes like in Thunkable.

Extra question: How does Kodular compiles its app? Does it tape a bytecode to an interpreter or it creates Java source code and compile it directly?

Note: I don’t know where do i post it in Extension or Discuss. I thought Extension topic is only for uploading created extension so i picked here.

Kodular blocks are translated into YAIL, which is a set of macros written in Scheme (a dialect of Lisp). These macros are run on the JVM of your Android device after being compiled to native bytecode.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to create typed variables, even with extensions. However, from what I’ve seen, running computationally-heavy tasks in a WebViewer (by writing JavaScript code and running it with the component’s executeJS block) tends to be much faster than with native blocks.

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