Is there an extension for sending SMS with a feature to check if message was sent successfully or not?

Short Description of Problem

The Texting component doesn’t have a block to determine if the message was sent successfully or not. I am koding an app that sends SMS to about 30 phone numbers. Sending SMS to 30 phone numbers is not guaranteed to have a 100% success rate for so many possible reasons like poor reception, insufficient load balance, etc. With the Texting component, in case my app fails to send the message to some of the 30 phone numbers, it would not be able to determine which messages failed to send. If it were able to determine which messages were sent successfully and which ones failed, then my app could simply resend those that failed instead of heaving to resend all the messages. Is there an extension that is similar to the texting component but with the ability to determine if messages were sent successfully or not?

What I tried

Right now, these are the only blocks of the Texting Component:
So far all I can do is to use an extension that reads the phones SMS Sent Box, check if the message (with the corresponding recipient phone number) is in there or not and if it isn’t there yet, resend the message. This is certainly possible thanks to the TaifunTexting extension and I already started with this as shown in the blocks below.

With the blocks above, I am able to put all the sent messages with corresponding recipient phone numbers into the listview lv_SentMessages. I can also filter the messages based on their age in days. When I tried the app on my phone it was able to load into the listview all the sent messages that were at most 10 days old. But when I tried it with all the sent messages that were up to 90 days old, the app froze and crashed. That was when I realized I was going way too far for a very simple feature that the Texting Component lacks. Now here I am asking if there is an extension that solves my problem. I searched our community for a solution but I did not find anything.
Please help me but please go easy on me. This is my first question in our community.

Interestig question. I don’t know if that is possible.

But I commenting for other reason: You should not put this topic on “Extensions” category, but in discussion category.

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Thank you for that. However, I am asking for an extension, one that would solve my problem. Why can’t I ask for it here? Is this category only for presenting developed extensions? If so, I would gladly move this question to the Discussion category.