Is there an issue in "Sharing" component?

Hi, i can’t use “Sharing” component (Sharing file).

i want to send an image file from device. But i get “error 2001”. and not seems “sharing page”. And anormal “result uri” on notifier. im sure that image exists on device.

i use activity starter, select an image, and change “image1 picture” on screen. but can’t send it.

Device: GM 5M plus. (android 8)

my activity starter action and datatype:

my blocks:

errors and anormal result uri :

real file name and directory:

Please help me. Do i mistake?
Thanks for now.

Why dont you use the mage picker component ?

Mr. Mika,
I have tried it and works now. Thank you so much.
(im not used to use “image picker”)
Thanks again.

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