Is there any extension that can build an app by upload aia file in my app?

guys, i actually want an method or extension to build an app from another by upload any aia file ? is possible? i want pay for it

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This would be really cool.

However Kodular is a close source platform. I don’t know if that’s possible.

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can you tell me,? how can i add item on top in an scroll arrangement please tell, actually item are normally join at the bottom when we create dynamic list, but i want create it on top

This is not related to the topic. Open a new topic for that, or ask in existing related topic.


Why do you need this?

What? I don’t think this is clear.
You want an extension to upload an aia into that app and it will make an app? Don’t you have the aia already?

I guess he is talking about marging two AIA.

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He is trying to create an app builder within his app by just uploading any aia file.

And that’s not possible with any extension.

That’s why Kodular Creator is here to build apps.


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