Is there any "for specific item in the list" block?

I know there is a for each item in the list block, and it is quite useful. But in my case I want to run a procedure for specific item in the list, say “For item number 1 to 5, do something”, or “call the procedure for item number 7 only”. I am getting my data from google sheets and want to run a code matching a user requirements.

Instead of for each item use for each number from … to block



If you find the matching , instead of using procedure directly you can call the specific row or you can use Is in the list item block…

If you elaborate more your query you will get solution soon. You can make your work simple but if you follow for each item in the list it may get delay if the length increases

How is this different? it will still run for each item right? And when I use it, it ends up with “the variable item is not bound in current context” and what does BY 1 means?

but if you follow for each item in the list it may get delay if the length increases

I am facing this issue right now, so Ive decided to load few items at a time. I have seen a few tutorials on load more when user reaches bottom, but they are complex. so I am giving this one a shot

Means increasing. If you have 5 items then for each number from 1 to 5 increasing by 1 checks 1,2,3,4,5 if you used by 2 then it will check 1,3,5

Show your googlesheet and tell us what you want, we will suggest you

So I am using dynamic components by @yusufcihan. My google sheet looks like this,

initially for each item in the list works ok but as the list grows it is getting slower,

How can I implement to load some items at first, or get the data from first 5 rows, and after a while, load more data into it? any help

Did you refer this guide? It loads item when user scroll down .

Test the AIA

Oh sorry forget to add link @Sarmad_Khan , here it is

Which guide?

@Sarmad_Khan Did you try with the above guide?

No, but I am using the gviz method you suggested. Working flawlessly :slight_smile:

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