Is there any tutorial or site with sample blocks of all components?

Is there any tutorial or site with sample blocks of all components?

This just describe each component and their use, don’t show sample blocks.
I’d like to say sample blocks like when a developer wants explain an extensions, for example.

Their is a tutorial on youTube… It’s in hindi that’s why I can’t share it here…

Could you say the name of the channel

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I was thinking about something like this yesterday.

I made a little sample without the explanation yet of what you can do with the text string block.

Is this what you mean?


You can find some tutorials and sample aia files at the following link

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Something like this:

Screenshot from 2020-05-08 02-58-22

Yes that is what i mean. Like i said not at the moment or they could be found on the community. Maybe we could start a little project with a number of users who will make samples for every component/block on the builder.


Good idea!

We could make a guide for each of the components just with sample blocks and explanations.



I don’t know what exact your requirements are but when I started with App inventor and other similar distros I would often visit these :point_down: snippets by @Taifun to get idea of the blocks and to know how things work

App Inventor Code Snippets


That’s it! I think this is a very easy way to explain uses of blocks, if we have this for every block, it helps users like me, understand and develop more fast.


Yes, as I have said many times, Taifun’s website is great and by far the best source to learn App Inventor, Kodular etc. He is one of the great pioneers. With him you can find a solution to almost all problems and if not, he delivers it.

The only thing that may be missing is video instructions / tutorials. You can find the best by far on YT from @pixiibomb Pixii Bomb YouTube .


Maybe this can help you:

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