Is there any way to convert xml string to json within app?

I have searched on community but not found the result. Does anybody knows any extension or any idea to convert xml to json string ?

Thankyou in advance.

I found an api for it.

you can even try this com.AK_Tech.XmlToJson.aix (32.7 KB)
i think this will work offline

Very Thankyou to you…
I also have tried something like that :

But its not working. :sweat_smile:
Can you send me the source code

first can you try my extension i am not sure it works

Same error as the extension i made ,

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pls wait i will see it after 3 hours bc i have my exams

No problem . Thankyou for the time . :blush:

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well is there any problem with your xml string
try this demo string - <?xml version=\"1.0\" ?><test attribute=“text1”>javatpoint<test attribute=“text2”>JTP

I dont think so , I tried it using api and its working but
Its not working when i tried it using the extension.

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