Is there anyway I could change the order of data from firebase?

My app is a quiz app with multiple levels. When a user fails to complete a level then there’s an option to ‘retry’ that level. Currently, when someone clicks on ‘retry’ the questions and answers will be shown in the very same order. Is there anyway i could change that order ?
Questions and Answers are stored like this:


You have two options.

  1. Store the questions in a list and randomize.
  2. Store the start of the question (1 - 20 etc) in a list, and randomize. Then you can get an all tags from that list, and randomize the number part. Be careful if the question has a number somewhere in it as well as at the beginning you could have a conflict.

How to do that ? I mean how to store the firebase data to a list & randomize ?
I’m not really familiar with lists…
Can you show me an example ?
Any old video tutorials available ?