Is there IP and country code extension?

is there any extinsion to find ip address with country name, or country code?? there are extinsions for ip, and software countrycode bt i couldnt find any to detect ip with country , currently i have made website with ip API and it is working preety well to know virtual location after using vpn, bt i want something that stores the displayed value somewhere firebase or tiny db… do anyone have solution for this, i have a screenshot of the program currently using, it just displays value i want a solution to store this displayed value to firebase or tiny db.

We can add this


adding is easy, bt i want to save the displayed thing… is it possible??

You can use TinyDB or Firebase as per your needs.


how can you give me an idea??

You can use Set Web Viewer Strings for that.

In your website, pass the ip address to window.AppInventor.setWebViewString and use the corresponding block in the WebViewer to access the ip address and store it.

is there any video tutorial for this??? actually i didnt get you, :smile:

Please create a screen simple with some blocks to see what you have, and I will return your code running… it must be so, for I do not waste time designing all…

if you want tye country name you have to install Geoip package on the system, you can link your project and the data with a single HTTP query and response in CSV format, to not use JSON…

it is very difficult to understand you, can a kind ofextinsion be made??? it would very helpful for many developers

can you give xix

Deephost extension helps you