Is there some way to make a recording function

Hi, i’m making an app about creating and recoding music on your phone (kind of like a soundboard) and i been wondering, how can you make the recording function? I’ve been looking around the pallete but i didn’t find something that could be useful, i also have been searching for an extension that could help me but i didn’t find anything, if there’s some way to code the function or if there’s an extension that could solve my problem, i would be most grateful.
I’m posting the blocks I created for the app here in case that helps solve my problem:

Thanks for paying attention.

Have you tried using the Sound Recorder component? These blocks seem to be what you’re looking for, if I understood your query correctly.

May be below extension can help

Audio Capture by @Taifun

It is true these blocks are for recording audio, but in the description says that it records from the microphone, what i’m looking for is something that could record sounds that you make on your phone from the inside, kind of in the same way that some tools that are used to compose music in your computer and then let you record your composition with the recording function, like in incredibox if you know what i mean, thanks for the suggestion though :grin: :grin: :grin:.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it says here in the webpage that the extension doesn’t work on Kodular, i need an extension that can be compatible with Kodular if that’s possible :wink: :wink: :wink:.

According to developer’s page it should work on Kodular

Image taken from Pura Vida Apps

oh you’re right, i didn’t notice, thanks!

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Now i noticed that you have to pay for the extension, sorry but is there a free alternative?