Is There Update about Not ready handled function on any component

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I just test my logical think with any component, but unfortunately fail.
here there are what i did as simple as my logical think only to understand how not already handled works

literally , it denotes the word “other than” in a function, according to my logic.
but some test methods I do like the block above to get the right result. but in fact none of my blocks show the state “Other than”

if I use not equal

if i use equal

I think I will find it easy to detect the status of other buttons if I press one of the buttons. I think that’s the purpose of “not already handled”
but the reality I received was different.
if it only detects 2 button components, it’s easy to do without having to use “any component”

So can anyone help me to explain how to use “not already handled”,
I’ve looked for this info on several forums including on app inventor, and I still don’t get it.

Pls check the heading Events

What I said above is my understanding after reading the forum, but I can’t understand it at all

Then this explanation by @TimAi2 may be good to you…

If already changed colour…

I also read that. but still did not get it all.

Could you help me with example simple block as I describe ? I appreciate that.
Thanks in advance

By @TimAi2 not Taifun​:sweat_smile:

Oh sorry, @TimAi2 , thank you…

that was my reference to make

I think this is a weakness of my logic as well as my understanding of the English language conveyed in the description.

I have
Solusion from @Boban by modification block from him as follow

I did not use not Already Handled , but the result is what I looking for and work well

thanks for @Boban for the inspiration .


Actually your question is not about this, so we have suggested according to your topic. But if you asked , upon clicking a button clicked button must have a color(say green) where as other buttons have some other specific color(say red) mean, you may get suggestion soon. I hope next time you will post even more clear what actually you want instead of asking someother… BTW, the same thing can achieve by this method also.

there are plenty of other ways also is there

Yup I agree with You, at the first I just thinking if I use not Already handled , I can found The logic thing like the above mention in easy way. but in deep study I realize it’s impossible for not Already handled to give us a value the other component that not been click yet.

because English is not my native language, so forgive me if my explanation is different from what you understand. anyway thanks for your support

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No issue man… your response is great. All the best.

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