Is this earning good?

This is the screenshot of my current earning with startapp ads. I dont know if i should continue with this network. As compared to other networks, is this much earning sufficient? My traffic is global.


Yes this is average good ecpm and earning you get from startapp

I am not talking of startapp only, i want comparison with other networks too like admob, unity etc.

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No, I Suggest you to use Admob or Facebook adNetwork Instead of StartApp ads

If you want comparison than admob and fb are best and in comparison of these best network earning is low in startapps


In first row i am receiving global traffic
In second i am receiving from india

It is facebook audience network

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Thanks for sharing ur statistics with us . I guess earning big money starts after getting at least 50,000 user or downloads on your app other than I think it’s waste of efforts


My eCPM : 0.5$ in admob (all users are indian only)

Globel traffic eCPM of @Neeraj_Kumar : 0.1$
Indian traffic eCPM of mine : 0.5$

Startapps Vs Admob = Admob win :fire::fire:

You are Right, i think in india we need more than 100k downloads, it’s look hard to get 100k downloads but we have 1.3 billion population so we can do it, but we should focus on marketing also.(ASO, influencer marketing, review sites, bloggers, non-incentivized install campaigns, etc)

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How much for banner and how much for interstitial??
My screenshot is for banner only.

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Please put filter and show earning for banner ads only

First one is banner and second is interstitial

Look!!! 0.13 only, however i am getting 0.17

I am also earning with startapp it gives very low ecpm in India u have 0.17$ I have 0$

It’s because in my applications people does not see banner ad more than 30 seconds

Also my apps are new