Is TinyDB Broken

My issue

When switching screens, it seems that TinyDB values automatically reset for some odd reason, I have no idea.

What am I doing

To get to the bottom of this, even with How to switch screens correctly method of switching screens, nothing seems to save. All of my namespaces are the same, my variable names are the same, everything is the same, but nothing is working for me.

Now my issue is it’s working fine, but NOW my start up variable for the change log relies on the metric system variable and it’s causing the change log to show when the metric system it true. I don’t know what’s going on because it’s like I can’t even have more than 1 variable on a screen.

OK, what I did was set all the globals to a String like the variable name, and so far as it seems everything works fine now. What seemed to happen was maybe the variables clashed since they all had a set value as just an empty String?

well, I only can tell you , TinyDB is not broken…
unfortunately you did not provide any screenshot of some blocks… you are already here around for a while… you should know better how to ask for help…



And only this time will I not blame it on my Color Memory :slightly_smiling_face:

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