Is unity ads not coming?

Hello koders ,

In my app unity ads are not showing even after adding placement I’d and game I’d

But when I am entering that game and placement I’d in another app they are showing .
But I don’t have another app aia and don’t know is that made with kodular or not .


Check your ad is ready or not

But banner should show as it has only one block ?

Are you using companion or .apk?
is your app is approved for serving ads?
What is your app is about? Is it an earning application?

I am using apk which is on playstore
And unity has also approved it

Is kodular sdk updated ?
Also can you please confirm
The blocks I used in image above is right ?

Hmmm I am also using unity ads. Everything is working properly but yeah SDK is little old but not outdated SDK.

Kodular new update will come before 1 August. I guess that time Kodular team will update all SDK.

Wait for Kodular update

Edit: unity ads interstitial show block is wrong. Use that block on button click or timer whatever but not use in screen Initialize block.


ok i will try