Is using timer to load admob banner against admob policy?

I’ve read regarding the post in Admob ads with Timer, Against policy?. But not really sure whether timer can be used during screen initialize to load admon banner. Is this against abmob policy?

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Why you need a timer to load Banner? It takes a small space and less (not) irritating to users.

Yes, it is. I used to show ads using a timer which is not really a good idea. Even my app was removed from play store (after 500+ downloads) by google until I stopped showing timed Ads. I suggest you not to show ads by the clock.

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For example, when a user first launches my app in a poor/no internet connection area, the timer will continue to load ad until internet connection is available, and finally the admob banner ad will be visible and enabled. And at the same time, the timer is enabled.false.

My concern is whether this method can be implemented. I’m afriad being suspended by admob.

Thanks, btw

What if No internet takes them in an error page?

Read this to know your answer!

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Thanks you @asimjib93

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