Is Wordpress to Native App Possible?

Hi There,
I’m Want to Create a Native App that Uses Wordpress.
The Webviewer Works A Lot Slower As Compared to Viewing it on a Browser. If I Could Create An App, Think It Would Be Even Much Faster than Browser. Do Let Me Know if This is Even Possible, If So, Any Help would Be Appreciated :slight_smile:
Thank You

You can create app and web app in same blocking but you need to use other platforms. According to community reles I can’t write hire.

Ok, Then Isn’t It Possible using Kodular?

Yes it is possible with webviewer in kodular

Thanks for Reply.
I Already Use Webviewer, What is Need is Fully Native App.

How you want & what data you want & From Which website

From Our Own Website, if Not that, Atleast to Fetch Database that I Will Be Using to Create Login / Signup Screen

What’s your website url ?? What data you wanna fetch ?

You can use WordPress REST API - REST API Handbook | WordPress Developer Resources

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Thanks for Reply.
But, I Think Using REST API Isn’t Possible with Kodular.
Thanks Anyways :slight_smile:

Why REST API is not possible?

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But As I Have A Social Network Made with Wordpress and Buddypress, It is Difficult to Use REST API on Every Page. I Will Look Into Using REST API, Once I Will Be Free from Other Constrains. Does Wordpress Renders JSON Files By Default btw? (for Every Plugin I May Be Using)

Is it blogging website

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Nope, I Use Buddypress Plugin - BuddyPress – WordPress plugin |
It Is Social Networking Site
You Can Find More Details Here - Drip - The Most Creative Social Network..!

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