Isn't there any SneakPeeks?

we miss SneakPeeks and thrilling waiting for new updates

Nope, only for 1.4 E…
In a few hours 1.3C will be released


Sir how much time it will take to release?

This release is all about monetization(((

1.4 is not :wink:

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:fire: :metal::fire: :fire: :metal::fire:

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Kodular Should have a Off-topic tag for memes :joy:

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  • 1.3C.1 = Needed update with a very well explained used method;

  • 1.4.0 = Cooming at the right time… The patient ones will wait and see!


Actually 1.4E will be very huge update with tons of new stuffs coming :sunglasses: it will worth waiting.

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@Diego this is a very good day for new update:heart_eyes:

It will take some weeks, please be patient :sweat_smile:

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