Issue in publishing App in Makeroid Store

I am unable to publish apps on Makeroid Store. Please help

Please explain your issue

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I have uploaded the app but it is not showing in the store

When I go to dashboard the app is there but the status is UNPUBLISHED

When I want to change the status to published it does change but the publish is not doing and again when I reload the page, the status becomes UNPUBLISHED.

@Sander can you take a look to this?

Did you enter a Short and Long Description, because you have to fill them in order to publish your app

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Yes I have put but the short description is not showing whenever I reload the page

Did you click on the Update Information button?

Then I click Update Information. Then this-

I updated the code. Could you try again to update the info, please?

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Thank You. It did. Thanks a lot :kissing_heart:

Are you sure it works, because I see that you havent updated the descriptions

Unable to provide descriptions:- Error:-

Can you logout and login, please? Maybe it works then

I logged out and then logged in. Now it is showing this thing:-

Also I am unable to provide more than 1 screenshot. -


mmmm… Any solution?

When I try to update your app, then it works. But I dont know why it isnt working at you

Now descriptions are updated but screenshot problem remains-

Cannot upload more than 1 screenshot

I am going to update the screenshot system now, so I hope it works in 20 minutes

Ok Thanks for your help