Issue While Exporting APK

(App Developer) #1

Someone Cut The Power !

I faced A Problume While Exporing APK Image Shown Above , Please Solve It As Soon as Possible

(Nikhil27B YT) #2

Here is your Solution :blush:

(Daniel) #3

Maybe it’s not that error. @Srrazmi can you click the VIEW LOG button, and post the text it shows here?

(App Developer) #4

Thanks For Replying..


Thanks To @nikhilbobade27

Solved The Issue !!

But Kodular Is Working So Slow , I Hope It Will Be Fast After Some Days

(Daniel) #5

But can you please post what the soultion was? To help other community members.

YAIL compiler - ApkBuilder failed
(Robert Crum) #6

This is just the compiler’s error, ignore it and reload the page, it will work next time.

(App Developer) #7

I Found 3 Way To Solve This Issue


Fixed The Warning By Clicking Show Warning On The Left Bottom


Restart The Web Brouser And Clear All Cached And History But Not Data And Cookies Then Try Agin, I think Some Time Web Brouser OverLoaded And Some Functions Aren't Work Completely


Keep All Latters Small To Small And Capital To Capital In Block Section ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

(Robert Crum) #8

Does your “Brouser” can store cash? [clear all cashes]? :joy:
I would like to download it!

(App Developer) #9

Sir You Should Know Every Brouser Storing Coockies(Not food :joy:) And Datas In The System Or In Email DataBase If looged In


(App Developer) #10

Sorry Sir I Mean Cached