Issue with Admob components

From the day Kodular updated, I changed my unit ID of one of my app on Play Store but as soon as I downloaded the updated app, My Admob account got a limit. I took this limit very casual and decided to add another Unit ID from my another Admob account. I updated and published my app on Play Store but soon when I downloaded the app the Admob got a limit before I could download the app.

Also the commission only tells that it would use 15% of Interstitial Ads but when I tested my App on live Play Store version, I saw that even Banner Ads were displayed of Kodulars only and that to in very uneven format like we see in Companion.
Please solve this issue for ad components as we waited very long for ads to work properly but now again there’s some issue.
Please help @pavi2410 @Vishwas