Issue with fetching airtable data for each user

Hi Koders,

I am making an admin app, in which all users’ data is shown from airtable in a list or any other way. I have managed to get data from airtable and show it in the list, but it’s just showing me the latest/last user data and I want to show data for every user separately. Data can also be shown in labels also, just need to show data to admins.

I have tried this:

My Companion Shows:

My Blocks:

My Airtable data(Getting This Data):

Thank you for the help in advance :slight_smile:

Do not use col method, just use get row method and use enough number of variable to take each col list

Use this guide

@Still-learning Can you please make a sample block? because I don’t have much experience working with rows

Here is example

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