Issue with in-app purchases

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I’m building an app in which the user can view some pre-paid collection cards, so I’ll have to implement an In App Billing component.
But I have a doubt: let’s imagine the user unlocking a card by purchasing the in-app product, and then leaving the app. Once the user logs back into the app, will he find the card unlocked or will he need to buy the in-app product back?

Thanks for the answers.

see my answer here


I was thinking about a workaround: after making the purchase, the user’s device ID is stored in Firebase.
So as long as your ID is stored on Firebase, you will have your in app purchase safe.
It could work, right?

No, because a user could use several devices with the same account…

Verifying purchases is not required, but is considered a best practice when selling in-app products. For more about how to fight fraudulent purchases, check out chapter Verify purchases before granting entitlements in the Fight fraud and abuse page and chapter Processing Purchases in the Integrate the Google Play Billing Library into your app page.
After verifying the purchase, your app then needs to acknowledge the purchase.


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Ok, thank you so much!

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