Issues in kodular eagle and Firebase database

I have issues with my kodular app and firebase. How to fix it??

Heres my blocks and firebase:

But it dosent show nothing as value because its thinking the tag isn’t there.

pls help im new to firebase!

leave bucket empty, because “applicationstore-46cbb” will not listed as bucket, so set block bucket to empty, and then you will get data


@ImranTariq database expert has spoken :wink:


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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but if i type a string with spaces then it isn’t showing all.

firebase dosent support spaces directly, for example, if you text is “my text” and you directly put this in firebase value then it will show only “my” and dosnt show word “text”

you need to save data like ““my text””

then it will get it full.

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What about links in firebase? I tried but it just showing “https”.

Same will go for links, in start and end put that, and it will get full link,


acctualy web is not supporting text, so i am adding picture,




Now i have another problem: my url is:

but after i get it from firebase it shows: "

how to remove this at the start: ( " ) ???

if you are storing like this, then it will never return any " on start or end check again .


but if i do it so, then it switch automatically to this


dont use 2 " at start. it cannot be showed here because of \ so, use it in firebase only.

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