Issues Regarding In-App Billing

There are some issues in In-App Billing, It is not working properly. Can Anyone suggest any solution. I have checked Taifun’s Extension but as 16 Year Old, I can’t afford that.


HOw its not working? what is the exact issue?

When product is added. Payment panel at bottom doesn’t appear and also can you explain me how does google know I am trying to access certain product of certain app?

are you trying in mobile phone?

You add products in the play console for the app and use the ids of those products within the app. Thats how they know.

But if use use product name “test_product”. there might be thousand same products with same name. do i have to mention package name in product id. Can you please guide me through?


Yes, Ofc Why?

use unique product “id” not name
and in-app billing will only load products which you have added in your console in that particular app. so no need to mention package name, it will do rest of the work automatically

So app should be downloaded from Play console to work. I have play console but I have no idea, how to do it :confused:

there are some guides for that too
search on community nd you will find it

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