Issues with chrome custom tabs (New Update) - Please provide a solution

Hi community,

I have links in my app that open in chrome custom tabs but with an update in android 11 version, if that specific native app is installed, then the link in chrome custom tab triggers opening the native app.

I don’t want this to happen, this will make my entire app useless.

Kindly refer to the link below -

Please provide a solution!!!



Hi @pavi2410

Awaiting your revert on the above post.

Thank you.

Hello community,

Awaiting revert on the above question, can anyone please provide a solution, I really need it, I have been working on this app since long!!

Dear Community,

I posted this 18 days ago, haven’t received revert from anyone.

Please suggest a solution!!

Please stop spamming. When someone has an answer they will post it.

What have you tried for yourself in the last 18 days?

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How does this count to spamming?

Anyway I am not interested in any sort of internet feud. Kindly don’t spoil and make posts unwelcoming by posting such replies.

I am surprised because this is the first time no one has a response to a post on kodular.

If you cannot be a part of solution then great, but don’t be a part of problem.

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Because you keep posting over and over asking for help for the same issue. Please be patient and wait for a response.

Also, what have you tried yourself to resolve the issue in the last 18/19 days?

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Have tried to use an alternative option that is custom webview - but that is not a solution.

I want to use chrome custom tabs

Added a new property: PreferNative to indicate whether the native app handling the link should be launched instead. Defaults to true.

Coming with the next update.


Hi pavi

Thanks a Lot !!! :smiley:

This seems to me like a Diwali Gift !!

So, from what I understand, if I set the property to false, then all the links will open in chrome custom tabs instead of native Apps, right?

Sorry to sound a bit impatient, but by when can we expect new update.

Thanks for the awesome support.

Yes, you are right.

Can’t say at the moment. We hope to schedule an update within this month.


This is Awesome !!

I hope we have the update this month !!

Thanks a lot :smiley:

By when can we expect an update on this?

Thanks and Regards,
Merrry Christmas.

Hi pavi, Its almost been 6 months, when shall we expect update?


My production has been halted because of this feature.

Please confirm if you are going to release this in next update?

And by when can we expect that.


@pavi2410 Hi, I don’t really like to take so much of follow-ups, but can have a timeline form you as to when are you making this feature available? When shall we expect the next release/

Very sorry for the long wait and late response. But it’s finally releasing with the minor update.

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Thanks for your reply.

Can you tell us when is it releasing and are we having the feature discussed about chrome custom tabs in the update?

Thanks for your support.