It doesn't work for me "Circular_Progress"

Hello good afternoon to the community.
I have a problem that I do not know why it happens, the file “nofunciona.aia” contains a reduction of an application that I am developing but I did it like this to simplify it. In the “Calculo” screen I have a file that I am going to read, but while I am reading I want to display a “Circular_Progress” that would indicate to the user that he should wait a moment while reading the file but it does not appear until he finishes reading the file. That way it doesn’t work for me, is there a solution?

Greetings and thanks
Javier Gonzalez

P.S. If it is not understood please tell me to find out how to improve the description.

nofunciona.aia (2.9 MB)

@Javier_Gonzalez1 Welcome to Kodular community.
Can you post screen shots of result and blocks instead of AIA.

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Here is my 7th [free extension] circle progress bar you can use this extension to add a circular progress bar to you app and it is really awesome hope it work for you

Call show progress dialogue when work start.

Call dismiss dialogue when work done.

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Hello good day, thanks for your answer but it did not work, the circle that should rotate does not show it.

Maybe it’s because the file is not that big? Maybe the file is read and the Dismiss Progress Dialog block is executed before the the actual indicator shows up?


Try to use a timer and set the timer to - maybe - 5 seconds, so that the circle is rotating at least 5 seconds.

Hello, thanks for answering. I’ve done the test before and it takes about 10 seconds for two labels that I put on the yellow screen to disappear. The file contains 2100 records.

Thanks, I tried that option before, I put 5 seconds on the timer and the circle rotates 5 seconds, it stops and takes the same time to read the file. regards

I think I saw extensions which let you read files asynchronously. May be that’s what’s going on, the current file read process is not letting the dialog show until it is finished.

It must be because of that because I have already tried to do it by various methods and the same thing always happens, it must be because of the call to read the text file. Thank you