It has been 3 months to send the app for approval but not approved yet

I prepared an app with the help of Codular but after 3 months I still have no approval to show ads while my app is available on play store, please approve my app

My app’s package id com.harishapp.oneneemuch

id numbar - 5688401997070336

You don’t need approval if your app is on the Play Store.

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But it is not showing any advertisement and it is giving notification to take approval

If it is on the play store, still asking to give a request for approval, please accept, I have worked very hard on this app.

Uninstall your app and install it from play store, notification will disappear.
after trying this, do update here.

If it is published in Play Store and someone download it from Play Store then request approval notice wont show.

I have done this but my problem is the same

Even after doing this, he is speaking for approval

Really? Can you share your Play Store’s application Link? So that we can see that whether the app is still asking for approve or not?

Kindly share the link to the app here let’s see

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Through your app id, I found your play store link One Neemuch (नीमच की सभी खबरे एक एप्प में ) – Apps on Google Play.
This app is neither asking for Kodular approval nor showing ads.
So, This might be a problem with Admob. Search on Google and check whether your ad id is capable of showing ads or not?

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This app is uploaded on 18th May, and you are saying it has been 3 months

I have published an advertisement in my app and published it on the play store, after the update I will show you the result of the app again.

As I already said,

This is not related to Kodular if you think. The ad will be automatically approved if your blocks are correct and if your AdMob is capable as far as I know.