It is possible in kodular that app like stack

I am thinking that we can make app like stack. If i had made 10 vertical arrangements. When i give input for 11 then the 1 no will erase automatically and the 11 input be the 10 no. It is possible or not please help me.

Can you give me link of the stack?

an illustration may work

I don’t know what is stack but if I understood you correctly you just have to turn arrangementx visible and invisible according to your will.

But I think you must explain better what you want.

That shall be possible, by the way.

Stack is a game by the studio Ketchapp. Great game; I recommend it as a time pass.

As for whether you can make something similar: totally. However, Canvas is the way to go, because that would give you pixel precision, thus making the game fluid. Moving Arrangements would potentially wreak havoc in your UX, unless you can somehow make a pixel scaling system that works on all DPIs.

TL;DR: Use a Canvas with Sprites.


Everyone want something 3d
I dont even believe that possible here
It will be helpful it a guide is released for it

if you don’t believe than you can never do that

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because i cant see any block some days before i had tried making 3d game but no way and of frustration deleted full project
the things which was already done destroyed
but i dont got solution

Well, on your phone, 3D is nothing but an illusion. Here’s a little set of tips:

  • Draw more realistic graphics. If you draw the sprites with perfect precision, that’s enough to make the illusion of 3D.
  • You could opt for a 2.5D game, which makes use of parallax, thus giving the game visual depth without as much resource consumption as Tip 1.
  • You could make an isometric game, which would require less visual fidelity than Tip 1 or even Tip 2, yet providing depth given you manage the sprite movement properly.

Great tips.

I remember I saw something about making it using a webviewer and javascript too. It requires some knowledge about math make changes but may be there is some source code available to save the hardest work.

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You could build the game with ClickTeam Fusion and load it in a WebView. :smile:


i mean that i had made a list of 10 item if i feed in the list as 11 the last item should be deleted automatically and the inserted last one after 10th list should be the first one. first come last out and last come first in