It is possible that after downloading a song it will show download song in next screen like youtube show?

Hello Coders,

I have 1 question & I also want your help can anyone tell me that it is possible that after downloading a song I have to show it in the download virtual screen section.

Like youtube has that after downloading a video we can see that video offline can we do song after downloading song can we listen to that music offline.

If that happens that what should we have to do please give some hints or please show any block that clarifies me.

I hope now you understand my question

If you are download it in your own download folder than use file tools extension and get the files available in that download folder after getting the list than show them with list view or dynamic components. Simply explore the file component and file tools extension by Sunny Gupta or Taifun.

But I am not using download folder and nor I am making any folder just I am using download components and after download that song I have to show that download song offline and that song also play song offline and I am using Google sheets for calling songs from there.

In Android 11 or above you need to specify application directory where you can download your songs and get them from application directory and show them in and dynamic list simple use file tools extension by Sunny Gupta or Taifun and download your songs in application specific directory.

On Android 11+ (there is no problem to download files to the Shared folder /Download):

Means you are telling that when I click on download button then I have to store that song on specific folder and call song offline from that in specific folder like that you are telling??

If like that then how can we call song offline from specific folder???

But which folder?

The Download component can only download to the folder /Download.

See I will explain in details.

As first of all when I click on button the song will be downloaded and the song will goes to download folder.

After the download song I have to call that song I’m offline version means you can listen a song offline also but in application only like I will give you example of youtube when you download video on YouTube then in offline you can see that download videos like that but in my case I have to only do for song only.

So I hope now you understand my question very clearly???

What about showing your blocks?

Anyway, that’s all you need:

Let me try this in my PC because I have to understand first these blocks and how it working in offline version???

After the download, the path is saved in the TinyDB and is then available offline.

Have you take button2 to show data in list view or in another view???

Can we save this file as mp3 or mp4???

What could be unclear about my blocks? Nothing!
So give it a try and you will see that it works.

And as I said: Show your blocks!

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As I am going to my house after that I will try it in my PC and I will tell you that it was working or not as I know that it will works but as I have to clarify all such things and I have also want to learn so many things that you have send a blocks.

Please wait for some time​:pray:

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