It is possible to get Multiple data get from spreadsheet

I mean I want to create a project ,screen 1 multiple button ex- button 1, button 2… Button 9
If user click button 1 so open other screen with value class 9th on next screen to get start value with class 9th and show class 9 data through airtable
Ex - if start value button 1
Then - spreadsheet API XYZ
Spreadsheet base I’d XYZ
Spreadsheet table name Table 1

If start value button 6
Then spread API YAX
Base I’d YAX
Table name Table 1

It is possible ???

Yeap it is possible…

Watch here,

I have use multiple Base I’d (API key is same but I have use total 18 Base I’d to call multiple data ) (for ex- class 9th ,class 10th, class 11th, class 12th ,every class different base I’d )
So I make a screen if user click class 10th so spreadsheet call class 10th API or base I’d
If user click class 12th then spread call class 12th API or base I’d and show data in collintree list view

Maybe this might help

I have use total 18 Base I’d API is same but base I’d different
If user click class 9th button then next screen open and get start value class 9th and show class 9th Data in collintree list view (for ex :- class 9th API is YZ base I’d is YZ table name is YZ)

If user click class 12 then open next screen and get start value class 12th and show class 12 data in collintree list view (for ex:- APi is ZX base I’d is ZX table is ZX)

Create a list with with base id’s and then use the same logic . When specific button pressed or … set base api to … , base id to pick from list … table name to pick from list …

If u have any image in black section in this topic so please send us

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Three totally different tables (different base_id, table_name and column name). Each time I press a button I get data from airtable (button1 - first table, button2 - second table, button3 - third table). Modify code according to your needs

It is possible to get start value if get start value is A then set APi ,base I’d ,table name

If get start value B then set APi ,base I’d table name

If start value c then set APi ,base I’d or table name

Yes it is possible. In Screen1 when any button click set global start value

and then in Screen2