Items with Dynamic Component

No, I can’t understand.

i don’t suggest this guide to anyone but take it -


You should search on community for different designs made using dynamic components…
always asking for design will not work… refer to below guides…


Hey, please check my blocks.

Blocks are right?
Reply Please.

i Already told you in PM

As you made No Component with ID HA3
But Calling it to Place Labels and Space in it,
it will throw Error.

After Label4, Before Label1 Use Create Block to make a Horizontal Arrangement with ID HA3,
Then it will be Ok.

Same Topic ?

@ADDYLIN you can see my blocks here.

This You Need To Do.

I don’t know how to do that.

I am making an ecommerce app. I need items like this with dynamic components.

So, I need json file like this

So, I think that people can make json file like this, who know coding. So, anyone can make json file for me please.

I didn’t see that request from you. The developer created a tool to facilitate it. Asking others to do it for you is very strange. You want to learn ? Or not ?


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Share your Blocks.

Then only we can Guide you how to make Schema Template for it.


You can see my blocks here.

Items with Dynamic Component

So, i pointed the issue with those Blocks.

Correct them.
Then we can Proceed.

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Where I have to correct?

So how you did the Other things.

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Means. What are you saying. I can’t understand.