ItoO - Background Tasks [special] 🥳

that’s a great work :heart:

I have a suggestion, what if you add a block by which it is possible to know if the feature is still working or has been killed?

This would be useful in examples like FireBase

version 1.0 and 1.1 non of them work with me i tested on two device MI 8 lite and VIVO X70 pro

change the notifaction ID to any other integer, say 1


Hello guys i am trying to create a loop task. But my blocks not working


Device : Realme 3i
Android Version : 10

Version 1.2

  • Adds features
    • Ability to control if the service should run while (app active / down)
    • Periodic Tasks
    • Cancel Feature

And various internal fixes.

  • Periodic Tasks


This is one of the demanded feature, and is here.
Minimum interval for Android 6-7+ is 15 mins.

Here, it is necessary to use FlagEnd block.
This does not use alarm-manager API so executions will be decided by the System/Phone.

  • Cancel Block


Cancels the background service.

  • Changes to Initialize Block


Added “runWhileActive” property. If set to false, service will not executed if the App is Currently active. If set to true, it will execute anyway, this can cause unexpected behaviour (i have to do more testing, soon there will be a block to know.).

xyz.kumaraswamy.itoo.aix (21.8 KB)


Hi Xoma, :smiley:

The notification does service runs in the background with a simple test I made which is great. Then, I tested the When-doCall block for event responses (for notification button clicked). The actual Kodular event block makes the procedure work (adding some global variable and a simple alert), but the defined stand-in procedure (from When-doCall) doesn’t respond to the button pressed.
In another test* I removed the Kodular event block just to see if that was the reason. I’m not sure if I am missing something simple.

I have attached my blocks:

changed to 1 still not working

Check there is a space in the name of the event.
Edit: BTW, you cant use notifier in the background, I did a test showing other notification when the event and it works properly.


why this is not working?

Provide info like Device name, Android version.
Edit: Minimum interval is 15 mins.

when add package name, from my project doesn’t work:sleepy:

without the package name it works :point_down: :point_down:

with package name doesn’t work :point_down: :point_down:

Can you explain more?

Device Model number: SM J7 2016

Hi friend, the minimum interval is 15 minutes.

Hey guys, if you find this extension useful, then you can support me.
It is really hard to maintain and provide support to such huge projects.

If you need paid support, then feel free to message me.


if you need to do a task periodically in less time, this worked for me:


This extension is amazing! Congratulations

  • there is no difference for min when runWhileActive is true
  • when I change the package name it doesn’t seem to work
    tested on
    Xiami mi8 pro
    Motorola Moto G Play

Hey thanks for the review!

What package name? App’s package name?

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