ItoO - Background Tasks [special] 🥳

Why? No way to do that?
And with the expansion here it is possible ?:

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Hi Xoma!!!
thanks for your answer.
I did it but still doesn’t work but now also when the app is active.

My phone is LG K50S with Android 10.

same problem

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as you are using MIT App Inventor blocks, you should ask your question in the App Inventor community…


Hi, there is a spelling mistake, “Web1.GoText” should be “Web1.GotText”

Can you handle visible components from the background? Nope;

First of all, thank you Kumaraswamy for such nice extension.
I am trying to receive message in background. but no luck. Following are by blocks. Have anyone tried before? - Tester.aia (29.6 KB)

hello, you have to use the “FlagEnd” block in the procedure “doTask” as the last block, and not in Button1

@dennis_littawe1542 , would you like to test my aia once?

Yes , i can

I have attached aia file in my previous post.

Yes, agreed there is a bug in that block, will be fixed in the next update.

Also you are not recommended to use Show Alert block in those procedures, they arent going to work as you expect in all devices.

I’ve tried the same example blocks but it didn’t work


Using virtual device (Android Studio) and a Xiaomi Note 8 Pro for tests

Check here.