It's possible to download a image from one vertical arrangement?

Hi all!!
I’m newbie in makeroid and my english it’s not so good, I hope you understand me.

I’m creating a wallpaper app. I display the images of diferents categories inside one vertical arrangament who makes the function of “image-view”. After I did it with a canvas but I can’t superpose bottons in the canvas, then I get the vertical arrangement.

My images are not in a tinyDB or firebase or something of that, I only uploaded them to my app.

  1. How can I set a button to download the image displayed in this moment in the vertical arrangement?

  2. I need to to make a button to set wallpaper but all the guides that I founded talk about database images and I need something different. Some ideas?

I explored the elements “download” and “file” and I tried with blocks but i can’t get it. All help will be welcome :slight_smile:

Use wallpaper utilities component to save image as well as to set as wallpaper and lock wallpaper.


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Thanks for your fast respone. Yes, I had been looking to the component wallpaper but I don’t know how to configure it in blocks to do whay I want… that’s too hard for me in this moment.
Any guides or something that can help me?

I edit: Now I how to use a button to set the wallpaper, the problem it’s that it takes the original image and it’s too big for the screen, how to solve it? I want something like resize to screen mobile widht and weight

thanks!! i continue investigating about save

bro then use portrait image or use image cropper extension to crop image and set as wallpaper.

Hi niksempire121. I don’t know how to use that. I don’t know the portrait image and the extension not too… if anyone can explain better i will be so happy, for the moment i will investigate that, thanks!


I’m trying to set the canvas1 (no visible) like the same in this moment in vertical arrangement image. After I want that this image can download but I’m not doing it good.

My blocks:

I think that I have to add the component “download” but I don’t know how… what can I do? Thanks!

Try this extension:

Hi Ken, thanks for your help.

Note: Lienzo it’s Canvas.

I tried that:

But when i click the button it doesn’t appear the image at my gallery.

I tried that too:

But same mistake, it don’t appears to gallery :confused:

What i’m doing bad?
Can I make a list with urls of the images and try to download it?