I've a question concerning IOS apps!

hi guys,

making an iphone app is free or must pay $99 for apple , is there a way or website like Kodular can make simple webview apps for iphones !!!

please advice


If you want to use Apple store you have to pay annual fee . There are a lot of different platforms for web app or similar, I tried Thunkable that is like Kodular but for both OS and Adalo that is a little different . Look at their price of features and wait for other hints :+1:t2:

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thanks for reply
can i make free webview IOS on thunkable app ?

I don’t know a free platform for iOS, with Thunkable for free plan you can download 2 project at month but no publishing apps. So you can’t use their store

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Probably the native editor xcode ? Flutter ?

The app i want personal,not willing to publish on any store or sell…i only want to use on my iphone

Ah ok , you can use the free plan of thunkable :+1:t2:

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You can use download button for personal download or publish button for app store project .
For app store you need to pay thunkable plan and also Apple store .

it seems for both, u’ll have to pay apple for download also

I don’t know , it’s very long time from the last download for iOS. Anyway it’s a good think to continue this post in the right community. I will help you there .

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You need a developer account also for download . I read it now

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