I've got a runtime error; cannot find the component

Dear All,
I’m newbie
Just try the companion and got an error runtime.
The component label and name is OK, and also the block.
I already read other discussion and try to visible it and export aia and import again, still same.

Screenshot 2023-08-08 115232


disconnect companion , refresh the web page… then reconnect and test…

Thank you. It’s solve.
But it’s shown again when I add other screen, and back to this screen.
with the same error message.

What happens if you create a new label.


sorry just get back again.
I create new project and new screen it will no problem.
If there’s more than 1 screen, it will be appear again when we move on and back to other screen, on companion mode.
But I don’t see this as a problem anymore.


i also had the same problem above… so, what is the best solution for that problem?

As I told you, I don’t see this as a problem.
I think it’s only shown in companion mode, when we change the screen.