Jelly Browser - A fast, secure and private browser ! 🔒

Hello koders !
Here’s my new app !

What is the name of your app?

Jelly Browser

Describe your app:

A fast, secure and private browser app !


More inside the browser ! :wink:

App Store/Download link:

JellyBrowser.apk (6.3 MB)

Please try my browser and give feedbacks and suggestions !

What evidence can you provide to show it is secure and private?


It doesn’t stores any data. And default search engine is DuckDuckGo.

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Can you prove the app doesn’t store any data or track the user?

Can you prove DuckDuckGo doesn’t store any data or track you?

If someone uses another search engine can you prove that search engine won’t store user data or track them?

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hey, i would improve the logo, if you want i can see if you have a design

Asking the user directly for their email is not so good. because users mostly think negatively

after searching, the bar should be as small as in google chrome. it takes up too much space. I recommend 50px high

Thanks for the suggestions ! I’ll try to implement it.

DuckDuckGo Privacy DuckDuckGo is popular for their privacy.


So what about the app itself, and other search engines?

No replies :sweat_smile:

You have been asked several questions. Why don’t you reply to those? It seems like you are making big claims but have no evidence to back them up.

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Also hide logo when user searching